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All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen. He turns familiar and dear motives around and communicates his message with great impact and originality.

In 1973, after completing his studies at the Graphic College of Denmark in Copenhagen and at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland, Bo Bendixen set up his own design studio.

In 1982 he opened his first gallery and today there are Bo Bendixen Galleries in Aarhus, Helgenæs, Bornholm, Skagen, Lønstrup, Vedersø, Kloster, Fanø as well as HUIS TEN BOSCH. 1991 was the year of Bo Bendixen’s international break-through, following his cooperation with the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki, Japan.

Since 1994 Bo Bendixen has also been working as head designer for the Japanese newspaper, ASAHI SHIMBUN.

Today, Bo Bendixen Graphics is a growing international design company. Its head office is located in an old tobacco factory in the centre of the city of Aarhus where Bo Bendixen himself is in charge of the daily business, design and product development.

Bo Bendixen’s gift for simplification and precise characterization is unique. In defining his designs, he says: “My aim is the same, always - to convey a positive, happy message, to put you in a good mood”.

BO BENDIXEN GRAPHICS   n    MØLLEGADE 30   n   DK-8000 AARHUS C    n   TEL. +45 86 13 80 99